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Lib Dems call for end to Cheshire East scandals

Macclesfield Liberal Democrats are calling for Cheshire East council to be placed in special measures immediately. After the resignation of the Council’s deputy leader David Brown from the Cabinet, with several senior officers of the council suspended, and the announcement that four police invest...

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Lib Dems call for answers on Conservative fiascos

The Conservative Council is in chaos. As another senior Tory councillor resigns, questions are asked about Conservatives competence in running the council. Tory-run Cheshire East Council’s admissions of – at the very least – extreme incompetence regarding the pollution data scandal were bad enoug...

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Liberal Democrats call for answers on "inadequate" policing

Cheshire East’s police force has been described as “inadequate” and given the lowest possible score in the recent HMIC report on Crime Recording. The  Liberal Democrats have called on the Police and Crimes Commissioner to urgently address the problems identified, and ensure that the police force ...

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