Conservative fiddle while the NHS burns

Just over a month ago the Macclesfield Express reported how the national NHS underfunding crisis was impacting locally with the East Cheshire NHS Trust (ECNT) that runs our hospital £24 million in debt and the East Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group which funds local health services £9 million...

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A week is a long time in economics

Harold Wilson’s often quoted saying that a week is a long time in politics has never been as true as it is today, except that a week is now a long time in economics too.

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Council must have control on local affairs

I was delighted to read in last week’s edition of the Express that the Silk Mill Museum at Paradise Mill will be unaffected by the collapse of the plan, mooted by the former Leader of Cheshire East, for the Council to acquire the building. The guided tours of the loom floor help make the history ...

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