Andrew Haldane writes for the Macclesfield Express

I begin by expressing my deep gratitude to our depleted and underfunded police for the brilliantly executed “Operation Vulcanise” targeting the pernicious County Lines drug gangs in a dark and corrosive local underworld of which most of us were unaware.  

Sadly, I write this column during what may prove a tragic week for our country, for Macclesfield and for our children and grandchildren. I have lived my life proud of our democracy here and in Europe, knowing so much of the sacrifices made by my parents’ generation to achieve it.  It took much of my lifetime to recover from the tragedy of 1930s fascism and the war it spawned. Some people grew rich exploiting that tragedy and the sufferings of others. Many of Brexit’s extremely wealthy architects stand to grow even wealthier by exploiting a self-inflicted economic downturn among the worst in peacetime, recovery from which, even viewed through rose-tinted Rees Mogg spectacles, could take decades.

The first Prime Minister I can remember was Winston Churchill. I have lived through many Governments, all lead by political opponents some whom were clearly not up to the job, many of whom deserved some measure of respect.  Never before have I held a Prime Minister of this country in total contempt, a disdain fueled by his spoilt child-like contempt for Parliament and lack of moral compass.

Polls show that a majority now want to Remain.  A million marched in London last Saturday to support a confirmatory People’s Vote. If that is still on the cards it will probably be down to the wrath of the Ulster Unionists, fueled by the unsurprising fact that the serial betrayer in Downing Street betrayed them for a deal worse than Teresa May’s by crossing the red lines that underpinned their disreputable support for a disreputable Tory government.

Andrew Haldane

Chair, Macclesfield Liberal Democrats

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