Cinema decision to create parking havoc

The good news is Macclesfield is to have a nice new cinema, set in an attractive piazza, which will bring people flocking back to the town centre. The bad news is that it is to be built on the Churchill Way car park so when we all flock back there will be nowhere for us to park.

town-centre-parking.jpgSupposedly, if the Council sees us all driving round tearing our hair out they will build an extra car deck over Duke Street car park. How long will that take? Over a very large area like Cheshire East it will be very easy to spend the money raised by selling Macclesfield’s most popular car park. Hands up if you think it will be equally easy, at some future date, to fund replacement parking spaces before it’s too late and  the town centre is completely dead except for our shiny new cinema.

Key decisions on our town centre’s future should not be made by councillors living up to thirty miles away. If this development goes ahead they should hand over the remaining car parks to Macclesfield Town Council together with the money received from the sale of the Churchill Way site.

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