Richard Flowers and Cheshire East Lib Dem candidates issue joint statement on education funding

Richard Flowers, Macclesfield Liberal Democrats candidate in the snap general election, today joined with other Liberal Democrat candidates from the county to issue a joint statement on the schools funding formula that would leave Cheshire East schools with the worst funding in the UK.

Richard said: "Education is at the heart of what Lib Dems believe in. It gives people opportunity, makes society fairer and builds an innovative ideas-driven economy. Cutting funding to schools takes away people’s chances. Those aren’t my values. I don’t think they’re the values parents in Macclesfield want either."


We welcome reports that the Tories are going to rethink their unfair funding formula.

But the timing, during a general election without proper scrutiny, is deeply cynical and we will carefully examine whatever proposals they do come up with.

Parents across Cheshire East will have been shocked and dismayed by the news that the Tory government was cutting funding for our schools to the lowest in the country. Head teachers already sending begging letters and considering redundancies will have been in despair. 

The proposed funding cuts fall the deepest in Cheshire East. Our schools will become the most poorly funded schools in the country at just £4,122 per pupil. By 2019 Cheshire East’s schools will have lost nearly £25 Million of funding - the equivalent of 670 teachers’ salaries.

These are not the values that parents want to see for their kids.

Liberal Democrats would protect school funding, from the early years through to college. We believe that education is the key to opportunity and fairness: the opportunity for people to achieve whatever they want to be; the fairness that comes from everyone having a decent start in life.

There is nothing fair about these cuts.

With Liberal Democrats in government we delivered the pupil premium, extra help for those most in need in the years when it can do most good. And we brought in free school meals for the early years, because the evidence said kids who have a decent meal learn better in the afternoon.

Without Lib Dems to hold them to account the Tories have U-Turned on those promises, and abandoned our kids.

How can the local Tory MPs say they are fighting this when they never rebel in parliament, never hold the government to account? 

It is clearly only the threat to these backbenchers in the election that has brought even the hint of a rethink. 

All our local MPs have voted strongly for the government’s education policies, for diverting much needed funds into vanity project Free Schools and now they back Mrs May' UKIP-inspired policy on Grammar Schools giving more money to the people who already doing best at the expense of the kids who need it most.

In particular, David Rutley (Macclesfield) may have presented a petition from constituents to Parliament but on 25 January this year he voted in support of the school funding cuts, against a motion calling on the Government to ensure that all schools have the funding that they need.


When our MPs send mixed messages, no wonder they are not listened to.

And when ministers are ignoring even our local Tory MPs it’s clear that only by voting for the Liberal Democrats will they be held to account for these disastrous cuts to our schools. 

Gareth Wilson
Richard Flowers
Peter Hirst
Ian Priestner
David Crowther

The Liberal Democrats candidates for the constituencies of Tatton, Macclesfield, Congleton, Eddisbury, and Crewe & Nantwich 

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