Lib Dem plans will protect school funding - IFS

The Liberal Democrats have a costed promise to protect real terms per pupil funding to all schools so that no schools is worse off. In particular, this means replacing the Conservatives’ National Fair Funding Formula which would give Cheshire East schools the worst deal in the county.
This will cost £7 billion over the course of the next Parliament, paid for by not cutting corporation tax, and is based on the current year funding.
You can read about this on page 23 of our manifesto.

There has been some mention of Lib Dem 'cuts'. The assessment by the IFS  here  shows that funding will not be cut under Liberal Democrat proposals. The Lib Dem figures clearly show no cuts. Labour shows a one-off increase and then no cuts.

The schools cuts website have based their figures on last year’s funding levels – and are therefore taking cuts that have already happened and implying these are future cuts that would take place under the Liberal Democrats. This is simply not true.

It's a real shame that after such a positive campaign, the local Labour Party are propagating these erroneous figures. The Liberal Democrats must really have them worried.

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