Increase in crime figures highlights Conservative failures

Cheshire's crime rise is a sad reflection on a a triple whammy from the Conservative Government - police cuts, rising inequality, and a lack of community policing. 

After the local force was branded "inadequate" by the recent HMIC report on Crime Recording, Macclesfield Liberal Democrats called on the Police and Crimes Commissioner to urgently address the problems in the force. 

"Police numbers in Cheshire have been cut consistently across Theresa May's time, first as Home Secretary, and now as Prime Minister," said local Lib Dem campaigner Sam Al-Hamdani. 

"The Government have ploughed ahead with an unnecessary commitment to austerity, and are making things worse by playing a catastrophic game of chance over Brexit. Inequality and poverty always drive increases in crime. This Conservative Government are delivering both, and cutting police spending. It was inevitable that this would be the outcome."

Richard Flowers, Liberal Democrat PPC for Macclesfield said: "Crime figures are up across the board, whether it's violence, theft or house-breaking. And it cannot all be down to increased reporting. Our police are facing an uphill battle at a time when they are getting less and less resources. We need to work together with them for our communities to be safer and to feel safer."

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