Macclesfield Action Day

Richard and the Macclesfield Liberal Democrats team took the campaign to the heart of Macclesfield on Saturday, to meet voters and discuss local and national issues.

Richard said: “We got an incredibly warm welcome, people were delighted to see us out there, and the response to our campaign to give them a real choice in this election was electrifying.”

Voters young and old were telling us they were pleased to see us out there, flying the gold flag, and saying they will be voting Liberal Democrat.

The message on the doorstep is that people won’t be taken for granted, even if Tories think they have this election all sewn up. For Parliament to do its job, Strong Government needs a Strong Opposition, and the Liberal Democrats are the ones who are best placed to deliver tha

Later in the day they visited areas in Tytherington, and received an equally warm welcome.

There are also forthcoming hustings,  taking place in Macclesfield on the 24th and 25th of May, where voters will be able to compare the candidates for themselves. 

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