No Coalition

Theresa May's Conservatives are intent on driving through a hard Brexit, meaning taking the UK out of the single market. Jeremy Corbyn offers no leadership: as Labour leader, every time it has mattered he has given Theresa May a blank cheque on Brexit. Tim Farron pledges to voters that Lib Dems won’t make coalition deals with them.

He has stated that his party has a duty to offer a distinct alternative, including a policy that would keep open a possibility of the UK staying in the EU.

"Every Liberal Democrat vote and every Liberal Democrat MP elected is a challenge to Theresa May’s Hard Brexit agenda. In the next parliament we will fight to stop a disastrous Hard Brexit, keep Britain in the Single Market and make sure people have their say on the final Brexit deal in a referendum with remain as an option," said Farron.

This is likely to appeal to the many Conservative and Labour voters who voted to remain in the referendum and who are part of the well-publicised "48%". Many Conservatives might vote Lib Dem to avoid hard Brexit but had feared getting Corbyn; many moderate Labour voters had feared getting May with a Lib Dem vote. This will not happen.

Recent Cheshire East Lib Dem candidate Sam Al-Hamdani said, "Macclesfield voted to remain in the EU by a healthy margin, and we've been a genuine threat to the Conservative candidates in Macclesfield in the past. It's likely that we will be again at this election. A vote for us in Macclesfield will show the Conservatives that there is a genuine desire to put the brakes on their approach to Brexit."

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