Meet our candidate Neil Christian

Neil is a hardworking and approachable local campaigner who cares deeply about community politics and the people who live in our large rural constituency covering Macclesfield, Bollington, Poynton, Disley, Sutton, Langley, Gawsworth and the surrounding rural villages.

He first stood in the 2015 General Election and has remained committed to the constituency and determined to provide a voice for the people here who have been let down and ignored for years.

Neil has championed the benefits of EU membership since he was at University at St Andrews. He is determined to provide a strong voice advocating the benefits of our membership of the EU and the campaign to remain in the EU.

He is equally committed to the fight to protect our environment both locally and globally. Campaigning to eliminate our reliance on fossil fuels and transform the economy and create jobs that sustain and protect the environment.

Having family working in the NHS and education system he has seen first-hand how these services have been deprived of money. Provision and protection of a locally accessible and world class health care is a priority for Neil. Investment in early years education and support for children and struggling families is critical if we want children to achieve their full potential.

Neil is a Barrister, working from Chambers in Manchester and specialising in family law and child protection. He has spent years speaking up for people and providing a voice for vulnerable. His aim as a politician is to champion the vulnerable and create a society that works and provides for everyone.

Living in Cheshire for 15 years and working in Manchester for much of that, Neil knows Macclesfield well and once elected will relocate to live in the constituency to ensure he is well placed to work alongside and on behalf of his constituents.

If you demand better for the Macclesfield Constituency then back Neil and the Lib Dem team.

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