Q&A – age champion

Q&A: Andrew Gerrard contact us to ask about Richard's approach to ensuring that everyone has dignity in older age.

Richard: "As an MP I would hope to be a champion for everyone in Macclesfield, young and old alike.

You are right that everyone deserves dignity in old age, and that is why the Liberal Democrats in government reformed pensions and introduced the pension triple lock, to increase the pension back towards the level it should have been before the Tories broke the link with earnings in 1980. That’s a promise that the Conservatives are going to break again, as their manifesto abandons the triple lock.

You will also know how Lib Dem Health Spokesperson Norman Lamb has led with a plan to put money into social care, particularly for people who need care in their own home. 

The Coalition, with Lib Dems in government, said that the cost of care should be capped. The Tories have now announced plans to ditch that promise and instead will expect people to pay everything over £100,000 – which for most people means selling the family home.

I would completely oppose that.

The Liberal Democrats would guarantee to cap the cost of care at £70,000, protecting your home for you and your family.

The problem of loneliness is a difficult one, and can be hard to address – we cannot force people to be sociable. But I would push for support for community spaces and activities so that people of all ages have the opportunity to meet and take active part.

I want a system that is fair to people in retirement and for people who are working today. I want a system that won’t go bankrupt by the time today’s young people retire, because as you say they will deserve dignity in old age in the future.

The Liberal Democrats want to make that a brighter future.

Thank you again for your time."

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