Q&A - animal welfare

Q&A - Richard has been contacted by many constituents to ask about the Liberal Democrats' approach to animal welfare

Richard: "Thank you for your email about animal welfare, and also on behalf of the League against cruel sports about hunting. 

The protections accorded to animals by the European Union are among the many reasons why Liberal Democrats very much wanted us to remain in. As you will be aware, the government proposes to transfer all EU law into British law with a “Great Repeal Bill” – it will be the most important task of MPs chosen in this election to make sure that Bill is closely scrutinised.

I would definitely be joining my Liberal Democrat colleagues in pressing to make sure all the protections you refer to are kept and that British law is strengthened in line with any future changes in the EU also.

On the issue of hunting, I am sure you are like me and have been concerned to hear Theresa May raising the prospect of overturning the ban on hunting with dogs. I would oppose that.

With a large rural part to Macclesfield, I realise that many of people here will have concerns about the fox population, but I do not believe that restoring the traditional hunt is the humane way to tackle those problems.

Thank you very much for your time.

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