Q&A – international aid

Q&A - Marie Foy asked Richard about our approach to climate change, poverty and international aid.

Richard: "I am sure you know that Liberal Democrats in government lobbied very hard to make sure that the UK was the first country to achieve the UN target of giving 0.7% in international aid, and that it was a Liberal Democrat MP, Michael Moore, who used a backbench private members bill to make it the law that we keep giving at least that level.

As a Liberal Democrat I believe that we have an obligation to offer help where it is needed, particularly in the forms of education and medical aid like vaccination programmes or anti-mosquito nets.

Tim Farron has, today, announced that Liberal Democrats would take 50,000 refugees from Syria, starting with fulfilling our country’s promises under the Dubs amendment to bring unaccompanied children from Europe to Britain.


I also believe that free trade, and especially Fair Trade, gives people the power to lift themselves out of poverty, and we have seen the greatest rise in living standards in history across the world as a result. Obviously, being a part of Europe is, to us, an important part of that, but even outside the EU we will want to make sure that any final deal sees Britain remain open and welcoming to people and ideas from across the world. 

Climate change is the biggest long-term threat facing us today. Like other Liberal Democrats I would want to see us move to green renewable technologies. Britain (and Norway) are the countries in Europe that could in theory power themselves from wind alone. Ed Davey has proposed investment in tidal lagoons, a project he began when he was Energy and Climate Change Secretary.


And we need to look to innovation in battery storage technology and micro-generation as the way forward. Liberal Democrats have a long-term aim of a zero Carbon Britain (This was in our 2015 manifesto, but I haven’t seen the 2017 manifesto yet.) 

You can read more about Lib Dem environment policy here: http://www.libdems.org.uk/environment"

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