Q&A - nuclear deterrent

Q&A: Richard responds to your queries on the nuclear deterrent and the expansion of nuclear technology

Richard: "Liberal Democrats believe that we can step down from continuous at sea defence, and so reduce the number of submarines and missiles. This would allow us to spend the money properly funding our conventional armed forces and cyber-defences, while also being a step towards our obligations under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty to work towards total disarmament. 

We are a multilateralist party, and want to get rid of all nuclear weapons. Although there is a strong desire to get rid of Britain's nuclear armament, we also recognise that the Word is highly unstable and countries such as Ukraine that did disarm have subsequently been threatened by Vladimir Putin's Russia.

We would therefore want a negotiated international framework for disarmament, possibly through the UN.

The threat of climate change means that we need a mix of power supplies as we move towards a zero carbon Britain, and we may have to accept that nuclear has to play a roll to play, provided that concerns about safety, disposal of waste and cost are adequately addressed, new technology is incorporated, and there is no public subsidy for new power stations. (Nuclear power is not CO2 emission free, because of the mining and transportation, but is a lower carbon energy source.) 

Hinkley Point C is an untested and hugely subsidised technology that I would not support."

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