Q&A - refugees

Q&A – Richard was contacted to ask about ensuring that people seeking safety from war and persecution are welcome in Britain.

Richard: "This is such an important topic. 

You will have seen the work done by Tim Farron, going out to help deliver aid in the Calais jungle and meeting boats as they wash up in Greece.

The Liberal Democrats have made a specific pledge to help 50,000 refugees from the Syria war: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-2017-39882964. That is on top of re-opening the programme to help unaccompanied children in Europe and meeting the obligation to those people.

Nothing in the last year has been more shameful to this country than the government of Mrs May breaking their promise to child refugees under the Dubs amendment. 

And Conservative run Cheshire East is a well off part of the country and yet, from freedom of information requests we discover, has welcomed fewer than five refugees a year for the last four years.

I completely support your aims here, and together with other Liberal Democrats in Parliament would press very hard to restore Britain’s reputation as a country open and welcoming to all people in need. It is good for the country to receive brave resourceful people, good for our international reputation to be seen as a liberal refuge but above all it’s the right thing to do."

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