Q&A – school cuts

Q&A: School funding has been a major topic during the current election, and Richard has had several questions about cuts to school funding.

Richard: "Proper funding for our schools is one of my top priorities. I am all too aware that schools in Cheshire East are getting the worst deal in the country out of the Tory’s unfair funding formula. I’ve seen the begging letters that heads are having to send out. I’ve spoken with people in schools where these cuts mean the real prospect of losing teachers’ jobs.

I’ve worked with the other Liberal Democrat candidates for the constituencies that cover Cheshire East, putting out a statement on school funding that you can read here:


The Liberal Democrats manifesto will include a promise to reverse the cuts and protect the amount of money per pupil so that no school will lose funds, with a plan to pay for this by reversing Tory tax cuts for corporations and certain married couples.


I hope you will lend your support to the Liberal Democrats on June 8th so that we can make this commitment to our kids’ future a real success."

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