Q&A – the Great Repeal Bill

Q&A – Richard was asked about the Great Repeal Bill, and how this would affect laws in the UK

Richard: "Human rights, environmental protection, security for workers, the level playing field that comes with being part of the single market: these are all at the heart of what Liberal Democrats believe, and were central to why we campaigned to stay in the EU.

And the way to ensure the things that you want is to elect an MP that believes it is the job of Parliament to do those things, and that means voting for a Liberal Democrat.

The so-called Repeal Bill – not actually repealing anything, but copying EU law into British Law – will be the most important and most difficult piece of work for the Parliament that we are going to elect on June 8th.

As a Liberal Democrat MP I would be working with my colleges devoting our best efforts to hold the government to its promises to bring all rights and protections into British Law, and would be extremely sceptical of attempts to circumvent Parliament through ministers grabbing “Henry VIII” powers.

This is why it is vital that we have a strong opposition.

That’s why I am asking people in Macclesfield to give me their vote this time, to send an MP to Westminster who will not be just another obedient backbencher, but will do the job Parliament is supposed to do.

Strong government needs strong opposition, to challenge it to do better, to ask the awkward questions and to think of better answers.

To make sure that people are more involved in the decisions that affect them, the Liberal Democrats believe that we need a better democracy in the UK, one that reflects what people really vote for.

And we absolutely think that if should be the people, not just a handful of politicians in government, who have the final decision on the Brexit deal – which is why we would consult you again, with a referendum on the deal. Democracy means giving you the choice – and the responsibility – not just to start the process but to see it finished right. 

If you want to help deliver the protections for environment, workers and human rights, please will you help my campaign."

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