What next for the school bus?

The Bollington school bus has only a temporary reprieve. After much work by the parents, supported by the Lib Dems and the independents, the result is that which the Tories proposed: a crossing on the Silk Road. What does this mean for the future, apart from a long and unsafe walk -either along the Middlewood way or across the Silk Road?

CA291201web.jpgThe independents made an effort to arrange a meeting in February and the voters obviously approved, returning an additional independent candidate to Cheshire East and two independents to the Town Council. Unfortunately the meeting had no practical purpose; it had no power to overturn the decision already made by the Tories and proposed by their candidate in the election.

We note with wry amusement that one of the independents is a member of the Conservative Party and probably would not have been elected under his true colours.

The Liberal Democrats will continue to fight to keep the bus as was promised long ago when secondary schooling in Bollington was moved to Tytherington.

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