Stop Brexit, build a brighter future

Every vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to stop Brexit.

Three years of uncertainty and argument and that’s just the agreement to leave, then we have to negotiate a trade deal. Years more of this division and acrimony. Neil Christian and the Liberal Democrats believe the EU remains the best framework for working effectively and co-operating with our neighbours in the pursuit of our shared aims. It has led to greater prosperity, and protection for British jobs and public services.

Neil Christian said “No Deal is still on the table and crashing out of the Single Market and Customs Union are choices that will devastate our economy and influence in the world. The National Institute of Economics and Social Research predicts that the Prime Minister’s deal will lower GDP by 3.5%, making us £70bn poorer each year. It is clear there is no better deal available than staying in the EU.

Growth in the economy has slowed, manufacturers and banks have already left the UK, and the government is already borrowing billions more to fill the gap caused by lost tax revenue”.

Liberal Democrats believe urgent problems, such as the NHS crisis and climate emergency, are being neglected because of the mess the Conservatives have got us into. Labour wants to negotiate another deal and continue the chaos.

A vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to stop Brexit. We’ve always called for a People’s Vote and will continue to do so. In this General Election we’re offering voters an easy way to stop Brexit; elect a Liberal Democrat majority government, which will revoke Article 50.

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