Why should I vote for Neil Christian?

Don’t let anyone tell you that it can’t get better. We must demand better than Corbyn and Johnson. This election is far too important to just settle for either of them. The choice between dishonesty or poor leadership is not a choice a country should have to make.

Here in the constituency of Macclesfield the Liberal Democrats have always been competitive and have a real chance at this election to break through. We were the nearest challenger to the Tories as recently as the 2010 general election, and in the most recent national election (European Parliament 2019) we beat both the Tories and Labour in Cheshire East and Macclesfield. Labour have never won this seat, if they didn't win in 1945 or 1997 when the Labour party achieved their biggest ever swings then they can't win at this election. Across the country the Lib Dems have been winning bi-elections at local and national level. People from all backgrounds and political homes are finding a new home with us. If the remain vote backs the Lib Dems we could over turn the Tory majority. Only the LibDems can attract those former conservative voters.

I’ve been asked by constituents about tactical voting. Is it the best way to beat the Tories here in Macclesfield? I believe that the Liberal Democrats offer a far better home for the many disgruntled, small c conservatives, who are fed up with Boris Johnson. These people say to me that they want a Party that has credible fiscal policies and will protect jobs and the economy from ideological damage. The Liberal Democrats are the Party who the IFS have said has the most credible and costed manifesto of the three main Parties. I also point out to people that we must be careful what we wish for. If moderate centrist people vote Labour they are voting for a Labour Prime Minister. When we put a cross in a box we give that Party a mandate to carry out their manifesto. There is no box to say “I voted tactically and don’t really agree”. The economy is at risk if Labour win a majority.

I believe I am the best choice to represent Macclesfield. I will be a strong and effective voice in Westminster. I have spent my working life representing others and in Parliament I will work for each of you. I will stop a damaging Brexit and protect jobs and public services locally, I will fight for action on climate change and with your vote build a brighter future.

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